shining star


shining star

The year is 1979, when I worked as a young Danish boat builder at Alameda Marina, San Francisco. The first picture is how she looked when I found her at the marina. She was repossessed by Alameda Marina for unpaid storage fees. You see it says" 4733 North Star Tampa Bay Fleet" on the trailer and North Star on the transom.

The boat was sailed by Lowell North and Peter Barrett and won gold in the 1968 Olympics in Acapulco, Mexico. (As an aside, the boat was built by Carl Eichenlaub. According to what we know, Carl had an agreement with a local lumber yard. He and Humpty Dumpty unloaded box cars of lumber to get their pick of the lightest boards.  Carl then weighed every one and used the very lightest for that boat and others.  He would use dark colored planks in the center and light color planks in the sides and ends for the physiological reasons. -Ed

The second picture is after I finished the restoration. We purchased second-hand sails from Tom Blackaller at the North Sails loft in Alameda, San Francisco. He took me upstairs, literally, to his loft, and the sails he gave me looked like brand new sails to me.

I only sailed North Star once in Alameda before she was sold. She was a delight to sail. Responsive, fast, and pointing higher than most other keel boats. Very similar to the feeling you get while sailing the new Scandinavian Cruiser 20!

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