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We’re wrapping up communications here in Valencia, and since my power cord has progressively deteriorated throughout the week and our internet is currently down, it’s a good thing the end is near.  The races are finished, the Cup’s been passed on, the parties are (almost?) over, we’re finishing the inventory of our coverage from throughout the week, and I’m headed home on a plane tomorrow. 

Reflections on the 33rd America’s Cup
This past week has been incredible, for me personally just to be on site at the America’s Cup, but mostly for the sailing world to see these massive multis engage in some of the coolest course racing the sailing world has ever seen.  The past two and a half years may have seen all the AC action in the courts, but this week we saw lots of action on the water (or from the bar/TV/internet).  It was awesome in the true sense of the word to see all the culmination of design, technology, and crew work come together with such excellent match racing between huge monster machines.  There were some great pre-start maneuvers, including a perfectly timed penalty from Spithill the first race (check out yesterday’s interview with him here, Part 2, Part 3) but with Alinghi actually getting away for the lead at the start. The luff in yesterday’s pre-start forced Alinghi off slow to the right while Oracle won the left, but perhaps the biggest shock of Race 2 was the upwind comeback from Alinghi that had us all wondering if we had overestimated the speed of the wing.  But the JK layline call and the downwind power of Dogzilla sent the America’s home to America, and lead to the end of the week-long 33rd America’s Cup.  A lot of action happened behind the scenes as well, and while we don’t know what’s to come of the situation that occurred on the race committee boat on Sunday, we do know that PRO Harold Bennett should be commended for his actions, and hopefully will turn us all into believers that the first two days of no-racing really were unsuitable conditions.  Check out our first interview with him if you want to learn more.

Where do we go from here?
Hopefully to a multi-challenger, multi-venue, fully engaging and entertaining America’s Cup in 2013.  We don’t quite know yet where the venues or what the boats will be, but we know that Challenger of Record Mascalzone Latino will make sure to uphold their name of Latin Rascals and not let the Cup dribble back down the political drain.  Our on the water cocktail hour with them last night just gives a taste for the type of event we should see arise between them and BMW Oracle Racing. 

As for the SA OTWA team:
We’ve finally learned that our TV does work, and are trying to get a little dose of the Winter Olympics before heading out to say our goodbyes tonight, and most go our separate ways tomorrow.  Who knows when and where we’ll be united next, but you can assume SA will keep bringing you the entertainment between now and then.  If you missed anything this week, the video archives most of what we’ve done is here.  Petey’s gonna come up with a rocking wrap-up clip of the week, including some footage of our insider escapades, so stay tuned for more.

-Genny Tulloch