the ultimate loser

sa at the ac

the ultimate loser

Ernesto Bertarelli has finally proven to the world that he is, indeed, the ultimate loser.  Outmaneuvered in every possible way for more than two years by a combination of Russell Coutt’s leadership, Larry Ellison’s cash, Tom Ehman’s gamesmanship and James Spithill’s driving. All of which culminated in the beating Bertarelli received in the AC in Valencia over the past few days. How’d that taste, Bertie?

Ernesto’s misbegotten attempt to hang on to the America’s Cup at all costs while diverting the blame to others is classic narcissism, and the level of vitriol and venom he’s thrown around during this America’s Cup campaign has made him more enemies than perhaps anyone in sailing today.

For these reasons, it was disappointing to hear Russell Coutts’ post-event conference in which he answers a question on whether Alinghi would be permitted to challenge for the 34rd Cup in the affirmative, something like, "They are great competitors and that is what sailing is all about," said.  Did he forget the vicious cartoons, the vile and nasty slurs, and personal attacks on everyone who ever screwed Bertarelli, real or imagined? We imagine the truth is that while happy faces were on public display, there is real and true animosity just below the veneer.

We’re not going away quite so easily, and if the sailing world’s ‘sportsmen’ are going to give Bertarelli and company a free pass and let such a selfish, arrogant and spiteful prick back into the game, that’s their problem. Maybe they can ban us at the next AC press conference, but we’re not having any of it, and we’re looking to document just how bad this guy was. 

So for all you media folks, competitors, or support personnel that have been abused and intimidated over the years by Lucien Masmasjan, Michel Hodaa, Ernesto, Brad, or the power of the Alinghi brand – now is the chance to come clean after 7 years of fear you’ve lived under. Be as anonymous as you’d like, and remember that we’re looking for stories of Bertarelli – anywhere, anytime. He’s got it coming.