adapt or die


adapt or die

It’s hard to remain positive here in Valencia these days.  Freezing cold weather, bone-chilling breeze, and an atmosphere of anger, angst, and anxiety have taken over the Port America’s Cup.  The journalists and spectators are starting to file out bitterly – Ernesto’s plan all along – feeling robbed by missing a day that guaranteed exciting sailing and at least some progress toward an end to this sordid chapter in the history of a sordid chalice.  And Friday’s forecast promises more of the same confused 1-2 meter chop that so terrified PRO Harold Bennett (remember he said "the buck stops here" the other day) and Alinghi’s pussified piece-of-crap day racer.

Rumor has it that Ernesto’s intentions are to have racing on Sunday only to assuage Rita Barbera and the Valencian population – they don’t have much else to do on their day of rest – and then he’ll use whatever influence he has to postpone the rest of the Cup for as long as he can.  While we entertained notions of boycotting and going home in protest, it’s not in our blood – covering this event is essential to exposing the reality behind this diseased competition, and we’ll not shy from providing a record of it for the future.

We’ve had a detailed meeting with our crew to decide how to report an event with no racing.  Our coverage to date has been some of the most interesting we’ve ever done, and we’re confident that we’ve assembled interviews and Cocktail Hour talk shows that have blown away the other stuff coming out of Valencia, but without being able to tell racing stories, we need to refocus our efforts to tell the behind-the-scenes stories on what is really going on here so that it is preserved for the future.  So we’re moving to a more forum-based report that will be familiar to you, with more frequent and shorter interviews with a wider variety of sailors and non-sailors, more timely updates, and slice-of-life photos from around the Port and the City.  And we’ll keep it tightly chronological in the Layline 33rd AC Anarchy forum, with a single thread for each day’s content from now on – racing or no racing.

We’ll continue with our live Cocktail Hours on Friday night (local) and probably Sunday night as well – they’ve been so well received, both online and in person, that we’ve finally been kicked out of BMW because they cannot spare the hospitality staff to control the crowd of onlookers that our great conversations have attracted.  It’s probably not a bad thing, either – while we’ve appreciated the support from the US team immensely and their team members have been totally open with us and easy to convince to come hang out for an hour (see awesome wing designers inteview here), we need to make sure that our friendship with so much of the team doesn’t cloud our perception and subliminally influence us to avoid important stories that might paint BMW/Oracle or its people in a negative light.

Meanwhile, we’re cutting costs to try to make sure we can keep our whole team together until the end, and we can only pray that tomorrow, the idiots on the Race Committee boat quit proving themselves to be the lackeys so many were afraid of.  Let’s go racing.

Lots of links and fun bits are of course on our sweet little Layline 33rd AC Anarchy Special Report Section.  Feel it.  And keep up with the front page, where we’ll be sending in more reports from Genny, JC, and yours truly for the remainder of the event. 

And finally, if you are anywhere near the Port AC, come on down to the Hotel Neptuno Lounge tonight after 2230 and let me buy you a drink.  I’m the bald one.

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