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come back later?

Most of you know that unlike other ass-kissing sycophant ‘journos’, (one twated "Happy Birthday, Paul" to him. Hahahaha!), we’re not fans of Paul Cayard, and after his enlightening suggestion today on how to fix the AC, we’re not exactly any fonder. Cayard said today on his blog that the AC should just come back in May and try it again. Really? All that AC experience and alleged brain power of Cayard’s and that’s the best he can do? And this is a so-called leader in the sport? No wonder it is in trouble.

What, no scathing commentary from Cayard about the debacle unfolding in front of the world? His meal ticket being destroyed right before his eyes and that’s all he’s got? Oh wait, he did say that he "imagines" that the AC is losing fans and media. That’s not exactly a news bulletin, Cayard. And he did complain that he was running out of things to say on his scintillating AC TV broadcast. Really? This guy has nothing to say? Shocking.

Seriously, this isn’t bashing Cayard for what he did, it is for what he didn’t do. He said he’s "frustrated", but so what? Who isn’t? He’s got a chance to stand up and actually say something, but we don’t think he’s got the stones. How about dishing out a critical commentary about it all, how about assigning blame for the mess that the Cup is in, about offering real solutions to the real problems that are now fully exposed for all to see? No? Too busy getting ready for make up for the next TV appearance?

But maybe he will. Maybe he’ll wait until the conclusion of the Cup to offer something up. But maybe a status quo guy like him won’t say much of anything at all.  Given that Cayard thinks he’s really smart and knows more than anyone, maybe he’ll step up and be the leading voice in the wilderness. But then again, maybe Ernesto Bertarelli is a really good guy…