worst episode ever

the ac

worst episode ever

So once again the America’s Cup racing is abandoned, this the second time they have failed to get race one even started, let alone completed. Three days later not only has the AC not had any racing, it is quickly exposing itself as perhaps the biggest joke in all of sports. The first race there wasn’t enough wind, now for this race, there was too much? Or the waves were too big? Or the wind shifts too large? Or their panties too tight?

So it hasn’t been enough that two of the richest, most egotistical ‘sportsmen" have, between the two them, reduced the AC to a battle of lawyers, suits, delays, one upsmanship and perhaps turned the AC into the largest pile of steaming bullshit in the history of the event. They then try the ‘my cock is bigger than your cock’ ploy by outspending each other to build two of the largest, most complicated multihulls ever, further distorting what the AC has traditionally been about. Not that this ia a bad thing, but then they can’t even get that right.

Now there are so many limitations, both upper and lower, about the conditions they can race these two interesting, yet ultimately bizarre and limited craft in, that we are forced to watch this sad and pathetic spectacle unfold before all our eyes as they find not reasons to race, but rather reasons not to. Now we are hearing they are considering canceling Friday’s race on Wednesday as they are concerned about the waves being too big. WTF? When did they all have their testicles removed?

And you can get ready for the predictable reasoning and logic from the usual suspects behind today’s cancellation. There will be the grim faces puking out words and phrases like ‘safety’ and ‘prudent’ and ‘the right thing to do’ ad nauseam, but they can stop dancing around their horseshit and come to the realization that what they have created is about as far away from what was meant to be as possible.

Get those fucking things out on the race course and let ’em go racing. What, they might break? Big fucking deal. F1 cars break all the time, and i don’t see them stopping. They race in downpours, some of the most horrific conditions in some of the most technologically advanced and skittish machines going speeds that well and truly can kill, but they get out there and do it. And despite all the political bullshit and posturing that goes on behind the scenes in F!, the racing delivers in a way that, compared to what is going on with the AC today, makes them look like real men who know how to engage in real sport.

But the AC? Oh no, they’d rather act like scared little girls, making the sport look foolish and gutless, almost guaranteeing that any chance for the AC to be thought of as anything other than a farce has vanished. Great work. Comments here.