turn it up

sa at the ac

turn it up

Even though the boats never went out on this beautiful day our team is hard at work. I’m sitting at the BMW/Oracle base just after their press conference, which most of you probably saw. We’ve been chatting it up with some of the brass and designers, and an amazing opportunity popped up for our Cocktail Hour. We are invited to do tomorrow’s show right next to USA17! We met Fred Eaton last night, and we’ll be meeting the other half of the Canadian C-Class championship team, Magnus Clark, on the tri since he can’t come to us. The rest of the night watch team will be onboard of course, including Robert Hamilton (C-Class sailor) and Rossi Milev (J/24 ace, C-Class sailor and race car carbon fabricator).

As a special bonus, Tom Speer, who is a lead designer of the wing and Paul Bieker, head of the structural design team, will also be with us making this an incredible event. This is going to be un unpredidented tour of USA17!

At this moment, Genny is interviewing Marcus Young, who is the commodore of the Golden Gate Yacht Club, Challenger of Record for the AC33. Her interview will be coming up later because we still have our Cocktail Hour starting in no time. There will be no sleep again for us tonight, and Drunk Boy won’t be showing up for sure.

We are fully sending it to another level! JC