wet/dry run

sa at the ac

wet/dry run

Tuesday’s lay day gave the OTW Anarchy team a chance to test our big-water shooting skills, and we’re ready to finally see some racing during Wednesday’s race for the America’s Cup (The start time has been delayed by two hours, btw).  Unfortunately our coverage on the water is unlikely to be live and you’ll be relegated to watching the official ACM or BMW/Oracle feeds from the course, both of which have presented lots of problems for a sizeable number of viewers. It’s still better than nothing, so check it out and know that you can count on our far more interesting commentary and analysis just a few hours later, along with the interviews and Cocktail Hour live talk show that is proving to be the most interesting non-race coverage of this event.

We are working hard to provide you with our own text/voice reports from 30 NM out to sea in the special AC OTW threads, but Spain’s not the kind of place where you can get expensive satellite electronics at the last second, though we are told we may be able to have something useable by Thursday so our fingers are crossed.  15-18 NM seems to be the furthest we can get, and when we get inside that point we’ll get you all the non-sterilized stuff that we know you all want to see. SA has recovered from the crash it experienced during Monday’s racing, and we’re especially grateful that so many of you are reading our reports and following our videos and Cocktail Hours so faithfully – both at home and here in Spain.

Tuesday’s Cocktail Hour – our third from Valencia – had the biggest audience yet, with slightly less than 1100 people logged in simultaneously to see a great combination of Little America’s Cup (C-Class) champs and BMW/Oracle Wing designers get down on their passions – and it was so good that we attracted a studio audience of dozens right up until the bosses booted us to prep for their 3:30 AM wake-up calls.  But we’re bringing them back tomorrow with even more wing boys, and the rest of the week’s shows will continue to bring an amazingly accomplished group to you and the surprises will keep on coming.  Like Cam Lewis sneaking into the show and firing off a couple of rambling questions before we booted him.  Good Times.

Rumors and Lies
With so many folks at the top of the game milling about on the stinky streets of Spain, the rumors are starting to swirl around.  We’re hearing more and more support for a future multichallenger multihull America’s Cup, though facts are extremely guarded and only beautiful blonde sailor chicks can get anything.  And we also hear that a certain car company-sponsored AC syndicate may already have shaken hands on a potential Challenger of Record bid – though we promise to get the true story directly from the shaven-headed stud who runs the place tomorrow.  And the final rumor is that we’ve got an adorable little 21 year-old strawberry blonde joining us as the final member of the Layline AC OTW crew – we may not have helicopters or 4-axis gyrostabilized overzoom cameras, but sure as shit we have more hot chicks on our little boat than the rest of the world’s AC press corps, and that counts for something.

We’ll be broadcasting some live pre-race action from our sweet RIB tomorrow morning, depending obviously on the breeze and waves and the balls of Harold Bennett, and then we’ll follow the action as far as our Powertec Internet System will allow.  And given our dwindling budget, we’d better see some racing soon!

All the links and all the love are of course on our sweet little Layline 33rd AC Anarchy Special Report Section.  Feel it.

Thanks to Layline.Com site, presenting sponsor GUNBOAT’s new Nigel Irens-designed high-performance cruising cats, PURE Carbon RIBS, and Gill’s Race Collection.  Check out some awesome Mark Covell reports from the Majan A-100 record run thanks to Oman Sail, and watch foil revolutionary Andrew McDougall’s new site for updated news on his new company.  And go buy something from at least one of them so they open their wallets when we tell them how much it’ll cost to stay another week!