delayed in valencia

sa at the ac

delayed in valencia

Alright, here’s the scoop:  Tomorrow’s start has been postponed until noon (from 10 AM-Valencia time), because of the big breeze and more importantly big seas forecast overnight.  Race Committee is going to check in at 830 AM, and decide whether to go out, go home, or postpone further.  PRO Harold Bennett doesn’t want to send the boats out if they aren’t going to race—which makes sense, because there’s no reason for them to break down unless they’re racing….which should happen soon, right?  The racing, not the breaking…or both.

I know it’s only day three of the Cup, and Race 1, but it seems very much like it’s going to be battle of the minds and team psychology now.  Everyone was fully ready to race day one, maybe one team more than the other, who knows, but now with this forecast it’s going to be hard to get pumped and get/keep your game mentality while still waiting for the 8.30  RC call, even though dockout is at 8.  It will only get worse if tomorrow is abandoned again and the waiting game continues.  Let’s just hope that we get some racing. 

The good news is we’ve had some great on-shore action and interviews in the past couple days.  Tonight’s live cocktail hour may have started off a little late, but we saw an incredibly enlightening and entertaining discussion about wing sails and more, with two of BMW Oracle’s wing designers Joseph Ozanne and Francis Hueber, Little America’s Cup/C Class Current Champion Fred Eaton, and World Sailing Speed Record past holder with Yellow Pages and Macquarie Innovations Tim Daddo.  Check it out here, and get psyched for the continuation tomorrow night, as we didn’t get to address half the topics we wanted to cover.  Other links are here (like our trying to sneak into the commercial port today to see BMW on the mooring with the wing up, deciding whether or not to practice, as well as all of the rest of the Cocktail Hours and interviews we’ve gotten over here.)

Finally off to bed, to dream of decent breeze and small waves and some excellent racing,

PS-I heard it may snow on Friday.  America’s Cup in Valencia in winter?  Only the courts could really demand that, because sailors would never wish that on anyone.

Genny Tulloch