Sleepless in valencia

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sleepless in valencia

The John and Genny Report

SA OTW Commentators John Casey and Genny Tulloch have proven to be an incredible addition to the America’s Cup coverage team, and between their great commentary and the quality of our Cocktail Hour live shows they have proven SA’s coverage to be head and shoulders above anything else coming out of Valencia.  They’ll be collaborating on the daily reports from now on, and here’s today’s report.

Genny: The buildup was so huge, anticipation so intense.  We barely noticed we were running on adrenaline all day.  No one got more than 4 hours of sleep last night (and many very much less).  Really–who cares about that?  It’s the America’s Cup! And we’re the only site to bring it live to our viewers aside from the ‘official media.’  I loaded up our cooler full of the all the caffeinated products and what little food we had in our pantry because we’d be fine living on fumes, Nutella and Coca Cola, and secondly-we’d be home by 2:30 pm to recharge before our nightly coverage anyway!

Here were the assumptions we were running on today, and the answers that arrived shortly thereafter….  True or False:

Assumption 1: These boats are monsters, and it would be no problem to find them.

Answer: FALSE.  Since we didn’t follow them out from the port, they were out of sight over the horizon when we left the marina, and we had difficulty finding them and the start line (with only a 30 ft RC boat), when they were both 30 miles offshore.

Assumption 2: These boats would only have problems racing if it was too windy, not too light… because even in two knots they’re still doing 20 kts upwind. 

Answer:  FALSE! Racing was abandoned for the day at 2:30.  Alinghi’s main was pretty much slatting all day long, except for the one 2 minute puff that had them briefly flying a hull and 30 boats tailing them getting shots.  Oracle’s wing sail looked much prettier sitting still in light air, even if they did have it reverse cambered to not move forward much of the day.

Assumption 3: We would possibly not even be able to get close to these gigantic creatures, because either the port master would prevent our RIB from leaving due to safety restrictions (like not have a life raft on board our inflatable rib…), the Guardia Civil on the water would keep us in the 2-4 mile keep away zone, or the specialized super speedy airplane would alert the helicopter which would then force us away.

Answer: FALSE.  We shot some of the sweetest up close pics of both boats today, (check out Mer’s photo gallery above), including the bowman’s journey up Oracle’s mast… er, rig… er, wing?! ostensibly to flick the telltales free after the rain squalls passed through.  Funny/scary to see how little there really is for him to hold on to. 

Assumption 4: We would maybe be able to actually stream the racing live all day, and get information out to the viewers, even all the way out on the race course.

Answer: FALSE/TRUE.  The start line was set 30 miles out.  We lost signal about 15 miles away, long before we found the boats and the big hole in wind that was the ocean today.  (Near shore was a pleasant 5-8 kts).  However, the truth of it was that we had a little help from the Ellison camp, and thanks to his private boat Rising Sun for allowing us access to their WIFI network, we were able to upload the only live video and pictures from the race course.  Hopefully, if we keep this relationship happy, we may have a semi-solution for the updates for the rest of the week!

JOHN: Even though the weather didn’t cooperate during the day, the night proved spectacular. Peter Harken needs no introduction, as he has revolutionized the sport since his invention of his first blocks in 1968. Mitch Booth has won multiple world championships, and has brought multihull sailing to the masses with his help in the conception of the Extreme 40 and more. I call Goran Marstrom the godfather of carbon in catamarans, along with the lead engineer of Marstrom, Karl Ljung. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss some of the past and future of the America’s Cup with some of the leaders in their respective fields. This Cup opens up the technology of the future, and has broken it clean out of the norm. The materials are maxed out, as well as the limits of what we know as possible in the world of sailing. Lighter, more efficient, lifting foils and load handling….Where does this lead in not only sailing but other applications? We can only guess depending on who wins this week. You decide after hearing the views of the guests today and tomorrow.

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