cocktail hour

sa at the ac

cocktail hour

Team SA talks to some heavy hitters (Goram Mastrom, Mitch Booth, Peter Harken, and Kåre Ljungabout) about multihulls at the AC, which boat is faster, and when Mr. Clean will be arrested in Valencia. Okay we made that last part up, but here’s the latest from Clean below. The video btw, starts at 1:17, we forget about editing sometimes..

To say we are beat is an understatement, but seeing over 800 anarchists on one thread yesterday made it all worth it.  After all, how do you measure your audience unless you crash your site every now and again?

We’re back on the boat tomorrow to watch BMW/Oracle and Alinghi training tomorrow shortly after noon.  We will be streaming the practice live – so be sure to check in to the 33rd Cup Special Report to watch them go play in real time, weather permitting.  And check back on the front page for a pile of great articles and links from our crew in a few short hours, and don’t forget tomorrow night’s Cocktail Hour with the Little America’s Cup defender and a bunch of the other wingnuts.