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As our sleep deprivation hits an all-time high, we’re putting the final touches on what is the most rushed project we’ve ever done – and that’s saying something!  At least PRO Harold Bennett feels the same – in a 25-minute interview we did with him today he explained that he was putting out brush fire after brush fire, but is confident that there will be a race on Monday (that’s 5 hours from now).   Bennett also explained that the info about the wind limits being decided by committee that the public heard was not the reality – the buck stops with him and though he hemmed and hawed a bit about safety, his history would dictate that we’re going sailing.  We also got some great insights from some of the sports legendary journalists during the best OTW Cocktail Hour yet, and we’ll be rebroadcasting it Monday afternoon as well as getting you an on-demand version around the same time.  And the Bennett interview, and one with Grant Davidson, and so on, and so on…In the meantime, here’s a report from John Casey, our OTW team’s multihull expert:

I was the last of the OTW Anarchy crew to arrive in Valencia, just in time for Jane Eagleson, BMW/Oracles PR chief, to toss us out of the building (nicely).  Apparently they’ve got some business or other at 0430 – wonder what could be so important to wake up at such an ungodly hour.  We jumped across the street to the first place that looked like a restaurant – a nameless bar with tasteless tapas and mystery meat and more mysterious sauce, but at least it was something to keep us fueled for hours in front of the computer to get today’s front page and the AC33 Anarchy Special Report site up and running.  As a first timer to Clean’s coverage circus, it’s hard not to be impressed – this hardworking bunch’s laptop buttons are popping here in our flat with at the same frenetic pace as the bizarre fireworks display I heard about during the opening ceremony.  Genny’s ears are still ringing hours later – apparently the Spanish don’t mind not being able to see fireworks as long as they are really, really loud.

For some reason, the only thing I can think about is the sight of both of these monsters hauling the mail in front of us, hulls out of the water, drag racing to the next shift they find with doppler laser/radar systems. So many questions all the enthusiastic fans have had for so many months are about to be put to bed – what a great time to be here!  With the forecast breeze from the Southerly quadrant the start line is going ot be 30 miles or more offshore, and most late models are calling for 5-6 knots – plenty to fly hulls, luckily for us.

Stay tuned because both Genny and I think the real fireworks will be going off as soon as the boats enter the starting area! BMW/Oracle won the coin toss and are coming in on starboard, and Jimmy Spithill is going to be something to watch with the surgeon’s scalpel he has in the big black trimaran.  Let’s rumble!

You can find pictures, videos, and all the essential links you’ll need to watch the variety of coverage for the 33rd Cup here at our Special Report pageBMW/Oracle’s site will have their own dockout and a pre-race show while the OTW team will go live around 0900 CET (0300 EST) and take you as far as we can before we lose signal, and then we’ll be broadcasting again when we are close enough to land to do so, hopefully showing you the top mark with our expert commentary from the best sailing commentators you’ll here for this one.

And remember to check out the all-new Layline.Com site and stay tuned to the OTW Anarchy forum for Layline principal ‘tweisleder’ to offer special coupon codes for all kinds of great sailing gear.gear added throughout the week, and it’s a perfect time to save a bunch of money using special coupon codes that we will announce shortly.  Tune in for some serious tests of the brand new Gill Race Collection, and to see how it looks on Mer and Genny, and you must have a look at what presenting sponsor GUNBOAT and PURE have in store for you if you like carbon and speed – lots and lots of both.  Sign up for Oman Sail’s facebook page to learn more about one of the truly groundbreaking sailing programs in the world today, and take a look at the all-new McDougall Design site for a teaser on Amac’s plans for a new revolution…