good news/bad news

good news/bad news

The latest from Brad Van Liew as he brings his new steed home to get ready for the 2010-2011 Velux 5 Oceans Race…

Okay, we really did not plan to stop in Tenerife, I swear. We most certainly did not plan on stopping here during their Carnival season, although we all enjoy a party now and then. Tenerife is a small island city bustling with life in the Canary Islands. It is a wild place, with booming sounds of music and a much unanticipated city-vibe, although that may be heightened right now due to the annual celebration. On to the news of why we are here…

Bad News:
The bad news includes a dismal forecast for weather across the Atlantic. The light weather hit us like a brick wall after the wild surfing we did two days ago. It was so intense that we decided to check in with Ken Campbell, and review how long this trip really could take given the worst of weather circumstances. It became clear that there was potential we could be sailing for the larger part of a month instead of 14-20 days. This presents a problem, as I have a couple important sponsorship meeting coming up. To be honest, I can’t jeopardize these potential partnerships that we have worked hard to nurture, thereby jeopardizing my main goal of competing in the Velux 5 Oceans. I will depart Tenerife via plane instead of boat with the intent of balancing the competition and training side of this venture, with the business side. Dr. Kevin Hogan will also head back via plane, as he has equally important commitments with patients.

Good News:
The good news is that we have put the boat through her paces, covering about 2,000 miles and every imaginable condition, from 50 knots upwind to no air downwind. We have achieved a lot since leaving France, including a detailed plan for the refit and a timeline for all to happen with room for considerable training offshore. The other good news is that we have sponsorship meetings, and an energetic team on land lining up more as we speak. I feel good about the decision to take off and let the boys deliver the boat to Charleston, while I do what I can to support the sponsorship quest and reach our ultimate goal.

The blog will continue once Jeffrey and JC (plus Adam Currier coming aboard in Tenerife) are underway again. They are adding provisions and water to the boat for the additional time expected offshore. I’m sure they will not mind the Carnival atmosphere here in Tenerife while awaiting their weather window! All the best to those following our adventure and more news as we move on… –Brad