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t minus 4

Clean is likely loaded to the gills on airplane bottles of vodka right now as he and Mer head to Valencia, but before he jumped on the plane he sent us something really interesting – it’s the Extreme 40’s in Oman, who decided to show the world yesterday that match racing in ultralight multihulls is every bit as good as in big monohulls – if not better.  They were understandably proud to have done it before Monday, when it will occur on a much bigger scale….Check the vid.

Those who are getting psyched about Sailing Anarchy’s in-depth coverage of the cup have another great development to cheer for;  the last-minute addition to the Layline/OTW Anarchy team of reigning US Mutlihull Champion, Extreme 40 racer, and past Tybee 500 champ John Casey to the coverage team.

JC adds his encyclopedic knowledge and multi racing experience to Genny Tulloch’s mastery of match racing, and the end result is that Clean is out of a job! Finally!

Remember; the first live talk show is Sunday at 1900 local/1300 EDT…get ready!