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Our friends at Open Sailing have some really ambitious plans underway, and here is the first of them. Might this boat be a breakthrough here in the states?

Imagine 20 years of design and racing experience into a compact offshore boat…that is what the Pogo 2 is about. In respect the Mini Class Box Rules, the Pogo 2 is 21 feet long, 10 feet wide, for a total displacement of 2,000 lbs and can carry over 1,100 square feet of sail area downwind! Please see Elodie Riou in the video above of the Pogo 2!

The Pogo 2 is indeed a boat that you can race around the buoys, take for a daysail and if you are well motivated, take offshore and cross the oceans with.

The Pogo 2, designed by Finot/Conq Architect, is the reference boat in the mini transat world, taking over the podiums in most racing event.
Open Sailing, proud license builder and distributor of other well know Finot designs (Open 5.00, Open 5.70, Open 6.50) is extremely excited to introduce the Pogo 2 in the USA and make it available to American sailors:

"The Pogo 2 will be built in association between Open Sailing and Columbia Yachts in Southern California: following the success in building the Open 5.70 in NA, it just made sense to continue and extend the adventure with Columbia Yachts which has shown great craftsmanship and professionalism in building the Open 5.70 with us", said Jerome Sammarcelli, President of Open Sailing.

The tooling from France will be shipped to the USA in the next month or so and we are anticipating production of 2-3 boats as soon as receiving the molds. If all goes as planned, the first "Made In The USA" Pogo 2 will be sailing and racing this summer.

With a little luck, we might be able to enter the Pacific Cup, from San Francisco to Hawaii! If not, there are still plenty of other races and with another 30 + other Mini Transat owners in the USA" said Sammarcelli.

Complete information will be updated in the next two weeks on the Open Sailing website. In the meantime, welcome aboard withand feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.