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t minus 5

As the International Jury decided ballast issues and the assembled throng waited for other rules decisions that never came, another Alinghi training breakage – this time the jib halyard – makes us think that the Swiss are working their gear hard as they tune not far from the US trimaran.  That’s two line breakages in two days for the cat, and hopefully both boats finish breaking what they can before Monday’s race.  As much as we think this one might be decided by attrition, it would be nice to see a close race…we can dream, right?  This shot, like most of the great shots we’ve featured lately, is thanks to SA’er ‘Malvarossa Beach’ from possibly the coolest America’s Cup discussion in history, the "Valencia In Motion" thread, which has already reached well over a hundred thousand views and 2000 posts.  MB even shot Alinghi in their first-ever publicly available tack. And don’t forget that MB’s SportNautica charter company still has some boats left if you wanna grab some friends and watch the action…

And yes, it’s THIS MONDAY, though if you’re in California it’s more like Sunday night at 1 AM, and already clubs up and down the Pacific are scheduling late-night Cup parties, and yours should to!  Aside from the official coverage, we will be doing our thing, getting you in on the action and the dirty reality close to the water.

There is NO North American television planned, though there are likely to be a few places to watch it online, and we will do our best to vet them for you beforehand to see which will be reliable and which will not.  We also continue to discuss the coverage with ACM to make sure that none of the worldwide fans are left in the cold, and that those of you who prefer to watch the Cup delayed can do so as well.

The Pimpin’ Goes On
If you don’t like commercials, you might not like our coverage of the Cup, but the reality is that we could never do all the coverage we have planned or recruit great cameramen like Peter Crawford or a commentator like Genny Tulloch without some real cash.  And we are proud to announce that our sponsorship drive is over after just 6 days, and our sponsor list is some of the coolest organizations and companies in sailing.

You already know that Layline.Com is back in the mix as our title sponsor, using AC Anarchy as an opportunity to launch their all new website and the kind of service that once made them the best in the US.  But the big news of the day is the support of presenting sponsor GUNBOAT – and a multihull America’s Cup is just the kind of thing to get folks pumped up about the best luxury multihulls ever produced.  And of course we’ve got a big bag of brand new Gill RC gear – and it seems light, durable, and exactly what we want to wear as an outer layer on the waters of Valencia.

Thursday we’ll show you just how our Internet For Boats system works, and tomorrow you’ll get to meet our final two advertisers – both from far off lands and both with excellent tales to tell.

It’s off to the airport for us – next stop – THE AMERICA’S CUP.