The skinny

The skinny

Rolex Miami OCR
Medal Race

Augie Diaz and Bruno Prada show some late form towards the end of the regatta when they went on to win the medal race. They had a strong finish to their regatta, jumping from 9th to 7th over all. George Szabo and Rick Peters were the other upward movers after the medal race so were the Norwegian team of Eivind Melleby and Petter Morland Pedersen who were in second the whole regatta but managed to hang on to beat Horton/Lyne when they were OCS at the start of the medal race.

There has been much talk and conjecture
around the boat park between many of the star sailors who have noticed that Andy Horton’s Lillia Star boat (left)has a keel that is much much narrower than any others in the yard (right). Some suspect that the boat would be very very hard to drive in light choppy conditions with so little lift available from the keel. Most suspect that the skinny keel would be less draggy and very fast once that boat was powered up enough to get moving forward and generating lift. That said Horton was not slow in this regatta which did have its fair share of light sloppy conditions, when the pressure did come up Horton and Lyne were sometimes almost half a leg ahead. Hmmmm

The night out at the pub after an international regatta is always one of the high lights of these World cup events. The venue and local brew to be had on tap may change but the characters stay the same. Last night after the awards ceremony, many of the 600+ sailors descended on the SandBar in Coconut Grove. The locals were starting to get visibly nervous when a pack of drunken Finn sailors surround them and tried to take off with their women….one was last seen tossed over the shoulder of a certain former Junior Finn World Champion as he headed for the door.

Another Finn sailor who was so disappointed that he had barely missed the cut off for the medal race, he decided that a bit of cross training might be in order, so naturally a beer pong training session was quickly organized. After completing this time tested form of training, and in a solid state of inebriated zen, said Finn sailor decided that a fine athletic specimen such as himself needs to properly fuel his body to stay at its peak performance. Hopping on his push bike he took off for the local pizza joint, while on his return journey, with pizza in hand he ran smack into a rather large tree sending him, the pizza, and bicycle all asunder. Later at the pub he was over heard saying that " there I was just minding my own business trying to enjoy a bit of Dominos finest, when a tree jumped out and viciously accosted me…"
Looking forward to Rolex Miami OCR nest year!!!!