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light ’em up

Although it’s the right thing to do from an environmentally conscious standpoint as well as for safety and improved electrical system management on your boat, LEDs haven’t yet become mainstream because they’re more expensive and comparably dim compared to incandescent lights – that is, until now.

The same company that distributes RejeX and CorrosionX in the marine industry is now introducing LED Array lights. These lights use the breakthrough Citizen (like the watch) diodes, which are the first LED’s to break the 95 lumen per watt barrier, so they’re as bright as the halogen bulbs on your boat, but they use 1/10th the electricity. Plus, they don’t get hot so they will never warp your light fixtures, they won’t explode if you touch them, they’re actually dimmable, and they’re available in three color temperatures depending on your preference and decor (available in cool white like a regular LED, natural daylight, and warm white like a halogen bulb). Unlike fluorescent bulbs, they contain no lead or mercury, and the bulb bodies are made from 100% recycled plastic. Depending on the bulb, they’re guaranteed for 3-5 years and 20,000 – 70,000 hours – which translates into as much as 26 years if you were to run them 8 hours a day (no need for cruisers to carry spare bulbs, even if they plan to be away from shore for awhile).

A variety of bulbs are available for both your boat and your home, which will on average knock 80-90% off your light bill (in a typical home that’ll save $60-$100+ per bulb a year). As you can see, they pay for themselves very quickly. Click here for more information.

The owner (J.D.) is a frequent SA poster and is glad to answer any questions. The company is currently seeking marine industry/boating distributors and retailers to carry the product.