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super bowled

The Super Bowl is the biggest event in US sports, and the advertisements played during its half-time show cost well over a million dollars for just thirty seconds of air time, not to mention the huge cost of producing the videos themselves.  The whole thing made us think of just how backwards so much of sailing industry marketing has been until very recently, and how slowly companies are adopting modern, web-based forms of advertising to replace the print marketing that has delivered so little return over the past few years.

So we’ve started a thread to highlight clever examples of the kind of ads that accomplish some of the important goals of a good marketing effort:  They excite, they inform, they create buzz, and they sell stuff.

The first is a short, slickly edited YouTube vid from longtime SA contributor and award-winning cameraman/editor Peter Crawford, and he put this one together for Velocitek.  This is the stuff that every product needs to catch attention on a global stage, and if your company doesn’t have something like this stuck all over its e-marketing, you ought to do something about it.  Have your own guys do it or give Petey a call, but he’ll be busy til the Cup is over…

Got some great marketing that you think others should emulate?  Pimp it in this thread and see if the community agrees.