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Transatlantic Grilling

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Most of you will have read that Brad Van Liew is back at the solo game, having just picked up the ex-ProForms Open 60 for the Eco60 class of the next Velux 5 Oceans. Brad’s weather window is slim but it looks like he and his crew are going to leave La Rochelle on Saturday bound for Charleston.

While we’ll be getting short updates from the water, I have a chance to do a phone (Skype) interview with Brad tomorrow just before he leaves. I’ll be recording it and posting the audio file when we’re done.

If any of you have questions for Brad about his upcoming winter crossing, his shore crew, his training plans, his sponsorship search, or anything else, post them here and I’ll make sure to include them in my interview. Check out his Lazarus Project site or Lazarus Racing blog for more info and pics of the crew and boat, and thanks in advance for your good questions.

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