One Love

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One Love

Against all economic odds, Devoti Sailing’s all-carbon single handed rocket is selling well, with 50 boats sold thus far and expected sales of 100 boats in 2010.  The D-One dinghy continues to get great reviews everywhere, the most recent in Australian Sailing magazine authored by freelance writer, 5O5 rock star, and sometime SA contributor JFunk.  Read his comprehensive analysis of the boat right here.

The designers went back late last year and modified the foredeck molds to answer criticisms of the boat’s lack of aesthetic balance up front, and the new look is definitely a good one as you can see in these pics.  As we’ve seen before, Devoti is responsive and proactive and seems truly committed to the future of this Class – even if he spends a fortune at it!  Want more evidence?

A full marketing team at every event to create great videos, photos, and reports.  A redesigned web page launching soon.  The inclusion of the D-One in the Volvo Circuit.  A new 3,500 sq. m. factory.  A fleet of charter boats and a plan where you can deduct all charter fees you’ve paid if you buy a new boat.  And attendance at the London Boat Show next month, Amsterdam in March, Warsaw later in March…

Keep up to date on Devoti-One.com and the D-One thread on Dinghy Anarchy.