Anarchist John is in Valencia offers this perspective on the Cup. Sounds great, doesn’t it?…

Today, we were in the Marina Juan Carlos office and happened to ask the office people what they thought would be happening with the marina for the event etc. Seems that only 10 yachts are reserved to come to the event, so not too many high profile guests.

The discussion then moved to the event itself. The SI’s state that races 1 and 3 will be a windward leeward course with 20 mile legs. Race 2 is a triangle with the windward leg the same length. What I haven’t seen discussed is that the docs also state the course shall be sailed in water that is more than 20′ deep. This means that the closest the course will be to land is….. 10 miles! If the wind blows westerly- which is often- the start line will be more than 30 miles offshore!

Next consider the timing. The SI’s state the start shall be at 10am. The race committee will decide whether or not to race each day at 9am. But if you want to be at the start line to watch the start, and the line is 30+ miles offshore, and you need to leave the dock pretty darn early. It is clear now that our boat will not even attempt to go and watch the starts. We won’t even take our tender out due to the distance and the fact that our tender only does 18kts. We can’t keep up.

Now consider the sailing characteristics. The boats are using sophisticated wind prediction methods and are sailing 22+kts in 7kts true wind. On a 20 mile weather leg, if the boats split tacks the boats could be 10 miles! from each other. Not to much to see then.

Frankly, this cup has shaped up to be the most unfriendly event for enthusiasts of our sport ever. Complete and udder bullshit. I think that EB and perhaps LE as well should be protested for Rule 69, unsportsman like conduct. I mean really, you wont see anything here. The only decent coverage will be print media, the web and hopefully TV.

The real bummer occurs after look around the Darsena here in Valencia and see all of the syndicate bases from 2007. How cool it must have been here to have every team within a stone’s throw. Then you have to ask yourself- will we ever have an AC like that again? Not if the cup moves to San Francisco, and who can possibly speculate on what EB will try to pull if he retains control. And I say it again- retains control- because I certainly don’t feel like either one of them will have won an AC in 2010. Just my take.