cruising anarchy


We’ve told you that we have admired solo sailor Webb Chiles for years – really since we were kids. So it thrills us that he takes time out of his life to send us stuff. We really like this one…

Evanston: “I understand the sea.”

The quote is not from me, but from a teen-age girl who is the latest child to set off in an attempt to become the youngest to sail around the world alone. I do not follow such voyages. A video clip appeared on the morning television news, including the above sound bite.

I expect that these attempts will continue with ever younger participants until one of them is killed, or, considering that they are closely monitored puppets on a string, gets into serious trouble and has to be rescued, at which time I believe the parents should be prosecuted for child abuse.

Of course that won’t happen to this girl because she understands the sea. Read on.