Pink – The New Orange?

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Pink – The New Orange?

We were recently engaged by Emma Creighton http://emmacreighton.net/ to ‘rush’ fabricate a new canard for her Mini 6.5.   The request was for the finish to be in orange, but that couldn’t happen in the timeframe we had. So we went for 2nd best – red – and without a great deal of thought poured a pot of red pigment into a mix of white epoxy paint.  Oops –  it turns out that red mixed with white gives hot pink. 

I think its actually pretty cool, and will use the same formula on the rudder I recently built for my own SRMax.    Hot pink has got to be faster than orange, right?

Shown here parked behind our shop, the boat probably wishes it was back in its native Florida (if it looks familiar, this was Glenn Henderson’s personal ride, but has changed hands a couple of times and been turbo’d in the interim).

If we can build any carbon toys for you, no matter the color, don’t hesitate to call.  Competition Composites Inc (a.k.a. Phil’s Foils)  613 599 6951.