Staffini Infection


Staffini Infection

Certain people seem to have built up some ugly karma over the years, and they can’t seem to make a mistake without emails flying our way minutes later. Monday’s story (Anemic Core, below) about karmically challenged Annapolis TP52 owner Ennio Staffini is one of those situations, and as he did the last time his crew called with a disparaging report on the program, Ennio’s not taking our report of his hull cracking in half lying down. Here’s Staffini’s letter:

"I have read with interest your piece, and, I must say, I am amused and disgusted at the same time. I know that you have to be sensational to sell ads but, as always, your information is false and the truth is distorted. It seems that you get the information you publish from someone who intentionally tells you what they want you to hear, then you embellished and distort it over the limit dictated by any decency an well beyond the actual truth. I will agree that you are absolutely correct in your information about the #5, which was actually the storm jib, that was left in the trailer for the Annapolis to Newport race. However, there is a decent way and a trash way to say the same thing, and you, or someone for you, chooses the latter."

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