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Catch the Wind
Ltd. has just announced the launch of Racer’s Edge® laser wind sensor (LWS), the world’s first hand-held device that provides accurate wind speed and direction measurement data for use in sailing, boating and other sporting events where knowledge of wind conditions is a contributing factor to performance. Racer’s Edge® LWS will be first deployed by the BMW ORACLE Racing team during the 33rd America’s Cup Match scheduled to take place in February 2010, in Valencia Spain.  

Racer’s Edge® LWS is a natural extension of Catch the Wind’s fiber-optic laser wind sensing technology currently in use by the renewable wind energy sector for increased energy output production and reduced stress loads on equipment. Racer’s Edge® is capable of measuring real-time horizontal wind speed and direction data at varying ranges ahead of the sensor location, and is in keeping with the Company’s product development strategy to deliver smaller, lighter units to the wind industry and other markets.

“Consistent with our strategy, the launch of Racer’s Edge will enable us to apply our forward wind measurement capabilities to new markets while continuing to provide benefits to all aspects of the wind energy industry, including improved wind turbine performance, wind prospecting and grid control,” said Phil Rogers, President and CEO of Catch the Wind.  “The BMW ORACLE Racing team has a reputation for innovation and excellence, and we are excited at the opportunity to apply our technology in one of the world’s most competitive racing environments.”

Named Official Supplier to BMW ORACLE Racing
With the launch of Racer’s Edge® LWS, Catch the Wind has been named an Official Supplier of BMW ORACLE Racing, the American Challenger of Record for the 33rd America’s Cup.   Catch the Wind will equip BMW ORACLE Racing with a Racer’s Edge® LWS unit capable of precise measurement of wind speed and direction up to 1,000 meters in front of the BOR 90, BMW ORACLE Racing’s trimaran.

“In competitive sailing, accurate information on wind speed and direction can be a race-winning advantage,” said John Kostecki (USA), tactician for the BMW ORACLE Racing team.  “We have chosen Racer’s Edge for the 33rd America’s Cup.”

Based on leading-edge developments in pulsed laser technology, Racer’s Edge® LWS uses wireless data transmission to remotely link to a computer, where wind data can be instantly downloaded. Additional features of Racer’s Edge® include:

  • Highly flexible and portable, weighing only 18 pounds,
  • Rugged and water resistant, and
  • Built to operate even when visibility is poor and in a wide range of temperatures. Check us out