Anemic Core

Anemic Core

Our old friend and Annapolis boat owner Ennio Staffini is up to his old tricks again, though many of his competitors say his run of bad luck has more to do with karma than with bad luck.  You might remember Ennio as the owner of the TP52 ex-Platoon, now based in Annapolis as the nickname-friendly Anema & Core.  You also might remember when we last checked in with Ennio, he’d cancelled crew meals after destroying two kites in two races during 2009 Miami Race Week. 

Or you might recall that Ennio turned around and, in a rage, brought Anema & Core back to the dock just before their start of the Annapolis to Newport race. That one was a hoot – a number of out-of-town sailors had been brought aboard with return tickets booked out of Newport, but instead they found themselves with their dicks in their hands on the dock in Annapolis for a reason that made no sense at all – something about a missing number 5 jib…

Fast forward to the non-event that was Key West 2010, where Ennio’s longtime boat captain jumped ship early in the week, tired of his crap.  On Saturday morning after the event, the owner realized that he had no one to bring his boat home, and for some reason, the calls he made went unanswered.  So he tracked down his deserting boat captain, and in exchange for getting back with the program, the captain was promised a free apartment in Annapolis, the team Denali, and double his salary.  And of course, the sailor came back to get the boat – like most of us would.

But most of us wouldn’t be expecting to sink, and that’s what nearly happened this afternoon on the delivery North from Key West.   A crack opened up in Anema & Core’s inner skin from the mast step to the bow.  One delivery crew said "you could stick your hand in and feel the outer skin vibrating and moving around," and needless to say, they turned downwind and went back to Key West, living another day.

So the question is:  How can anyone have such bad luck?  Did Ennio get himself branded by some zombie/witch/cat 3 sailor/sailmaker’s curse?  Or is he just way over his head to be trusted with this kind of machine? Snoochie poochie has the dope