This is from the owner of the poor boat above:

I am the owner of a beautiful 43′ Herreshoff yawl. Over the past week it has rained so much in the SF bay area that the bilge pump could not keep up and she has sunk and is now sitting upright on the bottom, with about 2′ of water over her decks at high tide. At low tide she is almost clear of water on the deck.

I am not there right now, I am in Australia, and can not come back to the US until my new visa is processed. So if there is anyone at all out there that can help me with this, you will make a friend for life. ANY HELP AT ALL IS A LIFE SAVER. Please reply as soon as you see this, I need to get her up and dry. I really do hope someone out there can help me with this, I am near begging.

As usual our community is rallying and perhaps you can help?