Upside Down


Upside Down

The legality of Alinghi’s 3DL sails continues to create uncertainty for the match, but Bertarelli might have more to worry about.  The team claims to be lengthening one mast, using the other mast for a week or so until the shorter one is ready to be an identical backup.  But at least one report from a spectator on Tuesday mentioned a shattered code zero halyard lock – torn from the mast – and issues with the gennaker furler.  And the mast is out of the boat and under wraps as we speak.  And we just got confirmation that Alinghi’s tender was towing in one of their float planes yesterday – upside down!

Bertarelli had yet another ‘short bus’ moment on Tuesday when he drove the tender to "Vava," roaring from Port AC right into the commercial port and up to BMW/Oracle’s dock.  The Port Police and Guardia Civil see an unidentified maniac speeding through the commercial port, and of course they race over to him.  Note that not even BMW’s photo boat can enter the port – this is a secure location in a country with a history of terrorist bombings, but apparently Bertarelli doesn’t follow Port rules any better than sailing rules.  He immediately launched into an explanation of what he was doing, who he was, (and probably how evil the Americans are), and the Guardia officer said "We don’t give a damn.  Show us your permit to enter."  The tender was escorted out the port immediately thereafter with a stern warning – which is why the Alinghi spies that you see here are not quite inside the port…

Bertarelli tells a different story of his little episode here, and you can check out Russell Coutt’s getting angry and going after Bertarelli on camera right here.  Great quotes from RC:  "Larry has won true international match race competitions in one-design boats – not some Lake Geneva regatta where top sailors are banned from competing."

We call it America’s Cup 90210.