Ante Up

Ante Up

As the big America’s Cup jerks and stutters its way to a race, the Little America’s Cup (LAC) continues to cement its place as the world’s most interesting multihull match race.

The New York Yacht Club has announced a schedule for the 2010 LAC, and they’ll try to prove they can do fast and exciting C-Cats as well as they do slow and sticky CS42s. The format is simple and direct – 9 fleet races that seed 9 match races, with the top 2 fleet scores sailing for the Cup, and the boats will sail right off the beach at Harbour Court.

Meanwhile, LAC holder Fred Eaton has unveiled the first photos we’ve seen of Orion, the new defender of the C-Cat Championship Cup.  Gone is the extra displacement up front that’s always been claimed necessary to keep the C’s bow from digging in too deep, gone is material in other places – there’s not much left in the water at all.  How far can they go in the quest for minimalism? 

You can learn more than you ever wanted to about the technology behind the last LAC in this excellent and comprehensive paper from Defender designer Steve Killing.  And book your tickets now if you want to watch an inspiring event in a beautiful setting this summer.