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Win This!

We’re always happy to get the chance to learn from the successful people in this sport, and the folks who run Audi Victoria Week in Melbourne are delivering a hell of a lesson on how to run and grow a huge international regatta.

Don’t believe us?  How about 441 boats registered for six days of racing?  How about National champs for the F-18 cats and IRC boats, State champs for the Moths and SB3s, over 200 cruising division entries, and a record number of sportboats, all during one six-day regatta.  A nice variety of passage races, two different race venues during the week, and a pile of over-the-top parties, you can see the slick event visitor’s guide here.

Victoria Week has full support from a slate of major sponsors led by Audi, and the program includes more than 60 live bands performing in the race village, lots of interest among the major participation the residents of Melbourne and Geelong, fireworks shows to get their attention, and the "William Angliss Go Sailing" program that allows anyone to come to the beach and learn to sail for free.

Long time SA advertiser Maconaghy Boats has had a hell of a month, and despite the major victory they scored at the Hobart (top 3 boats all Maconaghy-built),  no one’s resting on their laurels.  They are a major sponsor of Victoria Week, and they are making news with their announcement of their donation of a brand new Mach 2 Moth for an international children’s charity.  That’s the same Moth that Bora rode to a World Championship and AMAC rode to an Australian Championship in the past few months, and it will be on display at both the Melbourne Docklands and Geelong waterfront during Race Week.

It’s refreshing to see any sailing company willing to toss an AUS$20,000 toy to charity, and with the auction run under eBay, it’s open to anyone worldwide. All proceeds from the sale go to the children’s charity Variety Club and you can check out more about the auction (which goes live on the first day of Race Week) and get a link to the eBay site here.