More Schooner Tales, Sort Of

More Schooner Tales, Sort Of

It is great seeing some of the less carbon fibre-centric boats showing up on SA and it makes me think of our very own wooden boat project out here in Oman.

The Jewel of Muscat is a reproduction of an ancient wreck discovered in Indonesia and is believed to be that of Omani traders going to Singapore around the time of Sindbad the Sailor, one of the more famous Omani sailors!

She was built on the beach using traditional methods, the wood was soaked in the sea to bend it to shape etc, and not one nail or screw was used in her construction. All the seams are sealed with goat fat mixed with lime and bound with coconut fibre. The anti-foul is a mix of shark oil and chalk and there is no allowance for toilets, fans etc- the only electrics on board are for navigation and AIS as they go through busy shipping lanes- all navigation and depths will be done the old way.

Their route is Muscat – Cochin (India) – Galle (Sri Lanka) – Singapore using the trade winds only which will take them up to 5 months. We worked it out that mile-for-mile it would be quicker to walk! Check it out. – Ingmar Jense.