Satan’s Breath


Satan’s Breath

From our friend John Henke, at AC ground zero…

It’s a beautiful day here in Valencia – perfect for the upcoming America’s Cup. We awoke to 25kts, which is very common. It is now blowing 50+ kts and our high gust has been 62.5 kts!!! and we are in the Darsena or inner harbor at Valencia.

One of the event tents is being destroyed right now as we speak. One of our lines snapped and while replacing it, you could hear sheet metal being torn off of buildings here in town.

As to the damage at the Alinghi sailmaking tent, there is no truth that Pat Robertson has blamed it on the pact that EB made with the devil…

We’re a stones throw from both the BMW and Alinghi camps. Saw the Alinghi mast moved into the shed yesterday. The boat is pretty sweet looking in person as well. BMW’s boat is sequestered away in the port area and you can’t get any where near it without port clearance. Lots of people working in both offices.

This farce of a cup will have a hard time of even being sailed – if they actually make it to the start line. In the 4 weeks since Ive been back, it either blows 25+ or nothing and sometimes both in the same day. The locals says the weather will be perfect with winds at 8-10, but that’s not what we’ve seen this month so far.