big pimpin’


We’ve constantly remarked on the continued success of longtime SA supporter and advertiser GUNBOAT, and we’re extremely pleased to announce that they are the new sponsor of Multihull Anarchy.  We just wish we could take one of their new Nigel Irens-designed Gunboat 56’s in lieu of payment…here’s an update:

Not only is Gunboat alive and well, but we’re busy as hell in our tenth year of operation!  Recently we’ve launched three of tthe Gunboat 66 series.  Proving to be the right combination of mega-yacht luxiury and finish with sparkling performance, the 66 revels in Caribbean conditions with an easy 18+ knot cruise.  This is the brand new "Gazelle."

We’re also launching our new carbon RIB line PURE YACHTING that you may have seen in Clean’s videos, and our new PURE 24 will be at Key West Race Week with top photographers aboard. 

Rimors of "Gunzilla," our new Gunboat 90, appearing in Valencia are just that – rumors.  The 90 will undergo system checks in Cape Town before being shipped to Rhode Island for her Hall mast – her splashing is scheduled for March.  While Gunboat has roots in both Newport, RI and Cape Town, the 90 will be the first Gunboat to sea trial in RI waters.  "I am looking forward to sailing level upwind at 18 knots wrapped in luxury," said Peter Johnstone. 

 The brand new Nigel Irens designed Gunboat 78 is halfway done, and promises to set the standard for the next ten years of performance cruising. "Working with Nigel is a pleasure and a privilege," PJ added. "Nigel is also leading the design team of our brand new Gunboat 56’, which will be built as a production series in production tooling in a new location to be announced soon."  The new 56 design premise is simple: A forward thinking, carbon world-cruising Gunboat for owner/operators at a down-to-Earth price.

"I want to thank everyone for their support in helping build Gunboat over the last ten years and to the Anarchists for being so enthusiastic about our boats," said Johnstone.  "To mark the occasion, we’ve agreed to become the new sponsor of Multihull Anarchy."  -Peter Johnstone