reader rant


In responses to the SA piece Uncredible, and the various reader’s responses, to be fair there seems to be two reliable news sites for sailing. Sailing Anarchy and Valencia Sailing. As a former AC sailor and promoter of events, there is no question that Sailing Anarchy has become the sole news source for any real sailor and a daily must read. For the average yacht club J105 guy who doesn’t much care, getting an e-mail every day with a bunch of press releases attached is probably sufficient. But all of us who care about the sport and want to know via a reporter or anarchist appreciate the difference.

Scuttlebutt changed sailing with the ability to at least get news which was hard to find before. Sailing Anarchy became the first to offer real commentary and breaking news much like TMZ. To break news you have to be open to publishing rumors, possible lies and truth. The great thing about Sailing Anarchy is its tempered by the overall understanding that sometimes they are dead on and sometimes a bit off. But they don’t regurgitate press releases as news.

Yes, I have been pissed at Sailing Anarchy during AC stuff, for rumors or opinions but at the end of the day they make you think and offer the fastest news source to racing sailors everywhere. Thanks to Scot and the Anarchists, we have a web site that gives us what we need daily with wit and humor. Sailing can be a god damn boring sport and the light hearted approach is much needed. – John Sweeney.