Plus Ca Change

Plus Ca Change

Mach 2 and Bladerider designer Andrew Macdougall just turned 55 and promptly turned in a  dominant performance at the Aussie Moth Nationals this weekend, winning the title that he last won in the 70s.  Luka Damic wrote "his downwind pace can’t be matched by anybody here and he would always gain or extend on these legs" – sounds eerily familiar to what the fleet said about Bora during the 2009 Worlds.  Can anyone touch the Mach 2?  Here’s Amac’s report along with Greg Hilton Photos.

So I won – 25 years since the last time. I had speed to burn. Andrew Stevenson and Luka Damic fought out for 2nd, never more than one point apart, and Stevo did the job. They both sailed well, with Alan Goddard and Brent Pearson mixed in, sailing some good races.  Local racer Richard Heritage won the sole non-foiling race to the very vocal delight of the girls on the committee boat.

The Australian Moth Nationals in Perth were a well run series – well done to John Illet and all at the South Perth Yacht Club. The racing was glamour with a mix of winds – none over 20 knots though – which I think no one missed. 

I think the best thing about the regatta was the feeling that we were the entertainers. The number of regatta volunteers who came up to me and said how much fun it was to watch us warmed my heart.

I was on standard Mach2 gear – although up to the the last day I used a cut down rudder hydrofoil that was possibly slipperier, but I could amost never foil tack. With the standard rudder on the last day I seemed just as quick and got lots of foil tacks. The sail was an out of the box MSL13 – no tweaks, not even to the battens.

And again, smiling at the check-in lady worked, only $70 excess baggage fee this time! (Ex trophies though, thanks Stevo!!) So I can be out sailing again tomorrow testing the new MSL15 that just arrived.

Regards, Amac