Give Back

Give Back

I’m not usually a big fan of people asking me for money for a “good cause.”  I am a college student and barely have enough money to buy a six of Busch Light on Friday, let alone pay for my regatta entry fees (I did donate a fiver to the Anarchy Challenge though, dammit). Therefore, I don’t like asking people for money either…

Today, however, I’m going to be the son of a bitch who’s asking you for help.

When I was in high school I stumbled across a website where you can post classified ads of sailboats anywhere in the world, for free. I bought my first sailboat, an old, beat up Force 5, from a guy in Houston who had posted an ad. I have since bought and sold three other boats on the site.

The website, www.SailingTexas.com was started by David Luckenbach, of Austin, TX. David is a retiree who spends his time giving back to the sailing community by posting people’s ads of sailboats they want to sell on his website free of charge. He also gives sailing lesson on Lake LBJ, which is just west of Austin, TX. He’s a great guy and has become a friend of mine in the past year.

In May of 2009, doctors found a huge brain tumor in David’s head AND in his lung. He was rushed into surgery and has since been going through living hell with chemotherapy and various other treatments. His medical bills have been astounding; cancer is just not cheap to fight. Last month, David had to sell the boat he loved more than life itself (a Flying Scot) to help pay for some of his medical bills. He’s fighting the cancer hard and optimism absolutely flows out of him. This guy was working on his website a day after they cut half his head open! Each time I check up on him I hear nothing but positive thoughts, despite his crappy situation.

He has earned a lot of my respect respect in the past year. I want to help him out, so I thought I’d reach out to the sailing community. Help this guy out. He truly deserves it more than anyone I know.

You can find David’s personal cancer story can be found here, and you can make a PayPal donation – no matter how small – to help this generous old salt’s battle with cancer.  Happy 2010 to you and all the Anarchists, and thanks for listening.

Austin, from Clemson University