Double Handed, Non Stop Around the World

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Double Handed, Non Stop Around the World

Starting in just under a year, the second edition of the double-handed, non-stop Barcelona World Race will capitalise on the experience of a successful inaugural adventure, starting December 31, 2010. In 2007 when the nine duos set sail from the Catalan capital under the glorious Mediterranean sunshine, no one really knew how the men and their machines were going to cope with three months of full-on racing around the world – pushed harder than when raced solo, the IMOCA boats were expected to show their full potential, but how would the sailors cope, trapped with one another in a carbon box?

The race held its promises, and many memorable moments were captured on video – hilarious half-improvised sketches by the Jourdain – Nélias tandem; euphoric Southern Ocean surfing sessions aboard Mutua  Madrileña, on the edge sailing with Thomson and Cape… And, of course, Jean-Pierre Dick and Damian Foxall’s triumphant victory and ensuing, and typically exhuberant Spanish, welcome back in Barcelona. That’s to name but a few highlights.

The race’s new concept proved its validity straight out of the box, and this year’s iteration, under the guidance of the Fundació Navegació Oceànica Barcelona (FNOB) as organisers of  the race, and OC Events as the company responsible for international  marketing, should confirm its world-level status.
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