We’ve been following Steve Clark’s development of a new C-Cat class to try to recapture the Little America’s Cup after Fred Eaton and Magnus Clarke ended the dominance of Steve’s ‘Cogito’ in Toronto.  Code named ‘Tsurugi’, the new boat is finally coming together, and Steve certainly isn’t above talking a little smack.  With Magnus out of town for a while in his role as ‘caregiver’ for BMW/Oracle’s wing, Steve took an opportunity to update us.  More pics and comments are here.

It’s a bit like a picture of a polar bear in a blizzard, but I thought you would like to see.  We set the beams in place to give a visual of what the beast will look like assembled. The hulls and beams are lighter than Cogito’s – if I told you by how much, I would have to kill you. And if I did that I would be banned from the NBA.

We wandered around feeling good about ourselves for a few minutes, and then went back to preparing the basement of the barn for the beaming and hull alignment shit fight. The first set of boards and rudders are compete, we start the second set next week.  Wing molds start in two weeks, I better order some more super light glass.

We are on track and Fred is in so much trouble… -SHC