We don’t exactly make a secret of how little we think of Craig Leweck and Scuttlebutt.  We are not big fans of false arrogance or a sense of entitlement, especially when someone has done virtually nothing to earn what they have.  The junior Leweck hasn’t created, worked for, or earned anything that wasn’t already done by his daddy and then handed to him on a platter, and now the sense of self-importance and stature that he fronts is not only laughable, it pisses us off. We’ve done more to engender change, debate, creativity and energy in this sport than he could ever dream of.  We foster community, drive interest to the most worthwhile projects and give thousands of dollars away to sailing causes every year. We’d love to see how much Scuttlebutt gives to charitable sailing causes; we’ll guess somewhere between nothing and zero.

So now we read Scuttlebutt’s shiny new tagline fixed to the top of their page and we simply spit out our beer laughing (sure it was 10 AM, but the sun was over the yardarm somewhere).  The new slogan is such an obvious and equally ridiculous swipe at us, but really, what else is left for him to do?  SA has dominated his weak-ass game in every measurable way, and all he’s left with is attaching some hollow platitudes to his crappy site and hoping the sailing public is stupid enough to buy it.

On to the new, bold statement that Scuttlebutt is "Credible, Reliable, Responsible." Really? That’s awesome! That really sounds like fun, like a fucking lecture from a cranky old man sounds like fun. But let’s break it down, shall we?

Credible? Since when did cutting and pasting other people’s work and calling it news become credible?  That’s something that robots can do all by themselves – is ‘cut-and-paste’ now a synonym for ‘credible?’  Sure, the voluminous amounts of daily original content we and the anarchists put out has forced him to make some ridiculous and half-assed attempts to come up with something else on rare occasions, but everyone knows what Leweck does, and most just shake their head in wonder  If not for press releases and blogs that he rips off for his own site without permission, he’d have nothing to ‘publish.’ Oh wait, there’s still all those press releases!

Reliable? Now that’s really something to boast about. The fucking mail is reliable, is that now the USPS tagline? My toilets are reliable – those things flush every time!  This is the guy who is so reliable for his readers and advertisers that he shut down his site for more than a week – during the Sydney Hobart race no less – so he can laze away the holiday season. Reliably uninterested , maybe.

Responsible? Oh, we understand.  He’s responsible, but we’re not. Riiiight…. The truth is that to Leweck, responsible means not challenging anything that might upset the conventions of the sport, playing by the rules, and never questioning the orders his superiors among the sport’s governing bodies and organizers hand down to him – and by gawd, he’s sure responsible on those terms!  And good for him – that’s really special.  "We’re Responsible, Yay!"  So fucking what are you, my dad?  Retard. Are we being a bit hard on the whiner? No. He’d be the first one to make sure we didn’t exist if he could, and in our opinion, he’s got a good ass kicking coming.

Well, as you can see, we are clearly impressed with Scuttlebutt’s new marketing genius, and it got us thinking about what our own tagline should be.  How about "Drunken, Libelous, Irresponsible?" Let’s have a contest! Come up with a new three-word tagline for us, and one for Loser…we mean Leweck and the best of each one gets one of our new SA belts and one of our bitchin’ new technical shirts. Have fun!