Can Tend Her

Can Tend Her

Thanks to Neil and the Contender boys, and check out the active thread for lots of stories and updates here.

The 2010 Contender Worlds are about to start, with the Aussie Nationals just finishing up in the middle of the balmy Queensland summer. Conditions for the first two days of racing were perfect – 25 knots on Monday, 15 – 18 on Tuesday. The water has been bathwater warm (and shark free), and the air temperature has been in the upper 20s.

The Nationals have been a great way for competitors to test their boats and themselves out (some of us haven’t sailed in two months) before the Worlds, and on day one several boats came back with bits missing (centreboards, rudders, fittings) and the "choc top" – the Aussie euphemism for the black stained top of the sail when you dump in the shallow, muddy Moreton bay. There was, in fact, a bit too much breakage so racing was called after one. Day two was more civil.

The heavier winds have, of course, meant the big boned boys have becoming out ahead, with local boy (and regatta go to guy) Matt Mulder (a hardcore Star Wars fan) scoring three bullets. The usual suspects are rounding out the top five going into the last day – Andrea "Bozzer" Bonezzi, Simon Mussell, Jono Neate, and Cristophe Homeier. Today the prediction is for lighter wind (although what that means in Australia isn’t clear because the results sheet claims the wind yesterday was 10 knots, at least 5 below the actual speed), with an increase for the start of the Worlds on Friday.

Results are here, and the Worlds website, with blogs, pictures and more is here.