Our unexpected gift today was learning that long time Anarchist and frequent front page and forum contributor Bora Gulari was honored with the highest honor US Sailing bestows – the Rolex US Yachtsman of the Year.  SA readers have known about Bora for a long time – his Moth and Melges 24 exploits have entertained and excited us for years – but for the usually stodgy awards panel to recognize someone that is decidedly out of the box is, frankly, amazing.

The folks at US Sailing have long shunned most of the stuff that gets us going here at Sailing Anarchy, but it’s extremely gratifying to see that they’ve finally decided to join the modern era by choosing an internet and SA rock star for this award instead of yet another establishment icon – and Bora’s the kind of hard working, get-your-hands-dirty kind of guy that we are so happy to support.  "Someone came up to me today while I was covered in carbon dust and congratulated me on winning the Rolex," Bora told us.  "I wanted to talk to him, but I was slaving away on a rudder and the epoxy was kicking off, and I just couldn’t say much besides ‘thanks.’"

It’s been a pleasure to watch Gulari’s progress as he’s gone from a sportboat racer to an all-conquering international stud, and all along, he’s always been happy to interact with the   Dinghy Anarchy community, sharing tips and technique with anyone who asks.

"The power of SA has hit home for me a bunch of times – recently, someone I never met put me on the spot and asked me about a comment I’d written on SA the day before – and that seems to happen all the time, and there’s no doubt that the community has opened a lot of doors for me.  The excitement and support that have come from this place have helped keep me motivated to become as fast as I could, to work as hard as I could, and there’s just no way the Moth class would be doing the great things it is without the support of Clean, the Ed, Mer, and all the Anarchists."

So a gigantic thanks to all of you – this one really is for THE PEOPLE! Picture thanks to the very hot Meredith Block.