The Impaler

The Impaler

While the normal reaction to the likelihood of a 55-knot, 1000-mile-a-day monohull is apt to be laughter, Vlad Murnikov’s new vision to do exactly that with SpeedDream may not be as fanciful as it sounds.

Vlad was behind the 1989 Whitbread entry Fasizi, an unorthodox boat which proved to be a dog at times but also capable of immense speed at others.  Vlad claims to have put together a team that includes a number of top thinkers in the high-speed game, and with partial funding already in place from some big Russian names, we’re likely to see some new ideas in monohull thinking come from the program.

Will their 100-foot long, swing-keeled, wave-piercer have a shot at multihull speeds?  We’re not holding our breath.  But these guys are excited, they have brains and money, and a better track record than a lot of vapourware purveyors.  We wish them luck.

Comments and big PDF media kit and press release are posted here, and hit up Vlad the Impaler on email if you want to know more about the program.