Fight the Fight


Fight the Fight

As an avid reader of SA, I hope you can put this on your daily, as I am sure most SA readers are horrified of what’s going on Antarctica. These fu$%^ing Japs are outright going against all laws and slaughtering whales, then outright ramming vessels whilst immobile and sinking them. i have met the Sea Shepard crew on a couple of occasions, whilst in Bermuda, and they are a bunch of nutters, but my kind of nutters, SA kind of nutters. They go where only a few sailors dare to go: the most hostile environment on earth to save what is very rare and being wiped out, the whales. Out of all the sailors in the world, what is the coolest thing you see at sea? WHALES and DOLPHINS.

We are all one, and for all you out there please do what you can, and for all of you that watched the "Price is Right" your boy Bob Barker gave the Sea Shepards a fast ex-Norwigean harpoon vessel to help wreak havoc on these assholes. Sea Shepards, way to go, you lot!

Anarchist captron.