Group Effort


Group Effort

 Two upcoming events better illustrate what SA is all about than any written description ever could. 

Anarchy on the Bay
The first happens during one of the truly anarchic (and best-named races anywhere) – San Francisco’s January 30th classic Three Bridge Fiasco ("3BF").  The 3BF is a race around the three bridges of San Francisco Bay, where competitors choose at the start whether to sail the course clockwise or counterclockwise. 2010 marks the third straight year that SA’er ‘War Dog" has organized the Sailing Anarchy division, an informal class with bottles of rum for the awards and SA swag awarded out to the top boats after the 300+ boat event.  For the past two years, the SA division has included more than 10% of the total boats in the fleet – and last year may have been the biggest ever.  Check out the threads from 2008 and 2009, and then jump into this year’s thread to join the fun and enter the biggest SA division yet.  For reference, 2008 saw 224 starters and 18 in the SA division, while 2009 saw 362 total entries and 40 SA teams.  They’re on pace for 50 this year – help make it happen!

Anarchy On Ice
Another chaotic custom about to rear its ugly head is long, long time Anarchist BJ Porter’s Providence Boat Show Crawl.  We’ll let BJ sum up the mess for you, and if you’re anywhere near Rhode Island this Saturday and you have a penchant for drinking and laughing your ass off at the show and later, at BJ’s house (non-psychos only), put it on your calendar.

"So who is in for what may be the lamest annual boat show on the East Coast? Tradition, folks..It’s the ass-middle of the winter and there isn’t much else to do unless you ski. So have a couple of rounds and go snigger at the Bayliners & Sea Rays while questing for The Only Real Sailboat at the Show!

"This tradition started in January of 2002 when a recently underemployed ‘MoMP’ and I decided to meet up and stroll the show. We’ve gotten the numbers up over a dozen before with regional regulars such as myself, MoMP, Redboat, USA-7, Catamount, Sailman, USA15338 (or whatever the hell his sail number is), riracer, Sue, ADK (and a few others I can’t remember right now ) making the pilgrimage.

"I propose a Noon meeting at the traditional spot (Union Station Brewery) on Saturday, January 9th, 2010 for pre-show lubrication. You don’t need much more than an hour or so to actually SEE the show, so we can get fairly lubricated. When we are loose enough we will then proceed across the street to the show, our purpose: Find the silliest boats or spots to take group pictures in front of.

"Who’s in for what will be a record turnout for this tradition?"  Details here.