Greener Grass

Greener Grass

Peter Greenhalgh continues his reports with this Day 2 report from the 49er Worlds, where Stevie Morrison, Iker Fernandez, and the Italian Sibello brothers are at the top – for the moment.  There’s some decent amateur video from Day 1 here, and some basic live text-only coverage at the event site during the racing.  Results are here.

Having seen all our rivals go out in the morning fleet in the lighter winds and perform well, it was our turn.  But for us it was 15 to 25 knots off shore again with 45 degree shifts! Sadly, it seemed we wanted it too much and were perhaps trying too hard. The first race saw us set up for a port tack start only to be knocked flat at start time. As a result we started firmly last and spent the whole race playing catch up, finishing 5th.

The next race saw us arrived at the windward mark first, alongside one other boat.  We hoisted, but were unable to set as the other boat was overlapped to windward and in serious difficultly.  As a result we ended up capsized, once again playing catch-up for the entire race and finishing 10th. So all in all, it was not a good day – and we have now put a lot of pressure on ourselves to climb our way up the leader board to get into the top 3.  That aside, we have plenty more racing to go and it is beautiful here. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully things will start to go our way!

Cheers, Peter