Kill Everything


Kill Everything

Few things send us into a rage faster than mentioning Japanese whaling. Those barbaric sons of bitches won’t stop until they kill every fucking whale on the planet. Japan’s government-backed whaling fleet aims to harpoon up to 935 minke whales and 50 fin whales, classified as endangered, in the Southern Ocean during the current Southern Hemisphere summer whaling slaughter.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a group who does their very best to do what seemingly few will do, and that is try to stop these pricks, had their hi- tech trimaran (the former Earth Race) purposely run into (video) and ultimately sunk by a Japanese ‘security’ ship. How is that not criminal?.

The ‘cultural tradition’ of whaling amounts to little more than open slaughter of the earth’s most impressive creatures, yet the powerful governing nations of the world do little to stop it, and many here in the states still defend it. It is tragic, inexcusable and yet, somehow perfectly in keeping with mankind’s continual rape and murder of this planet. Read the story.