o. I Mean Yes. jfunk just can’t say no….


No. I Mean Yes.

jfunk just can’t say no….

So I am racing again and our illustrious Ed likes me to write about it. So attached is a race report and a bit of a personal view. Fill your boots. The Ronstan International 505 Australian Championships got underway yesterday in difficult conditions. Sailed out of McCrae Yacht Club at the bottom of the Eastern side of Port Phillip Bay, the 5oh’s are planted firmly in a prime Victorian holiday destination. Unfortunately the conditions suited the holiday makers and not the sailing, perfect blue skies, white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and no wind.

The committee held us onshore till they got 5kn of wind, then sent us out. Racing started at 3.15pm in a very light patchy breeze. The first beat, whilst only short took forever, as boats were battling tide. Just how much tide was evident at the top mark, with boats having to sail well past if they wanted to round it . After a good 40 minutes plus of sailing, the fleet was spread across the course, with two boats fighting for the lead. Michael Quirk and Simon Reffold, (who have no name for their boat, so arbitrarily I have decided to call theirs Hombre and Beefcake) managed to carry pressure a little longer and pass Carter Jackson and Jordan Spencer just before the top mark. However they tacked to early for the mark and got washed back by the tide. The extra tack cost them in the next to nothing breeze and they started traveling backwards. Carter and Spencer rounded first, from Quirk and Reffold, then Damien Carey and Marcus Cooper, (an old combination back together for this regatta) and Earle Alexander and Ian Gregg. From there, it was a huge gap as the light wind made it difficult for anyone else to get round.

Downhill was hanging kites until a small hit of pressure built from the West. Carey and Cooper rolled on to it first, then Carter/Spencer who had enough gap and angle to ensure they held the lead, but the Carey Cooper combo did pick up Hombre and Beefcake. At the bottom mark, the committee appeared with the S flag and it was all over. An hour plus of racing for one beat and a run. The forecast looks a little more promising today, so potentially three heats.

Results are at http://www.int505nationals.com/

So anyway, a good start for the funkster. Some background! Carter has been in the 505 class forever and he hasn’t quite cracked it for a win at the Nationals. For those that don’t know him, he is one of those blokes that runs at a million miles an hour. He is always on the scam, but always for the good of the class and he is the bloke organising the Hamilton Island Worlds, which will be the greatest sporting event ever hosted in the history of the World!!!! Anyway, good bloke, heart of Gold, so when he rang and said how about we go round, it was easy to say yes. We went out twice before the regatta, practised some turns and pronounced ourselves ready.

During the heat, we focused on three major things, keep moving and stay smooth, stay in pressure and fleet placement. Given the wind was so crappy, we just placed the boat so we weren’t in a high risk position ever and we could work the fleet. Nothing extreme, just simple sailing. It worked well for us and we took the win. Of course with the light winds, it was onto the tow to get home. We copped the slowest tow and were last back, giving some smart arse enough time to hoist my shorts and jocks up the club flagpole.  It’s on!!