Cold War


Cold War

Alinghi have won the first sea-borne race of the 33rd America’s Cup – the race to the venue.  The Cassandra B dropped anchor in front of Valencia Sunday morning with a special cargo of Swiss(ish) catamaran, while the Ocean Lady pulled in Sunday evening (pic left) with a deck cargo that cost more then some countries’ GDP to create (video here).  Valencia Sailing has some good shots of Alinghi on their arrival, and we expect some a pile of footage from both VS and our Valencian Anarchists tomorrow morning, so be sure to check AC Anarchy for the latest.

Both boats should be unpacked and ready for action by the end of the week, and while we don’t expect the kind of always-on reality show coverage of the boats that we had in San Diego, the AC Anarchists will no doubt make sure there is plenty to enjoy during the incredibly short run-up to the Match.

After a year that saw these boats built, launched, and tested before our very eyes, we finally get to see these monsters next to one another for the first time, and sailing within the week.  Will either team want to line up against the other, perhaps for psychological warfare or misinformation purposes?  Or will they hide from each other until February 8th, ensuring that the 33rd Cup is the biggest sailboat race in history that no one heard of?