Cat Got Your Tongue?

Cat Got Your Tongue?

By now of course we all know that Tiger Woods isn’t so much just another lying, cheating adulterer, but a fraud. A bogus, manufactured Public Image that turned out to be as flimsy as his claim that his wife was trying to help him as she beat the shit out of his car with a golf club.

But outside of all us voyeurs, or the corporate dopes who helped prop him up and stuff his pockets, does it really matter to golf fans? Never mind that golf is hardly a sport or that the schlubs who waste their lives watching it are akin to cows standing in a field watching cars zoom by, do they give a shit what their hero does in his spare time? I say they don’t. He’s a great golfer who is the one guy they all like to watch. Whatever mess he creates off the course matters not to the golf fans. People magazine yes. Golf, no.

In our sport, there are incidents of questionable morals and infidelity that hardly ever get mentioned. The great DC dumped his old wife and family for a new wealthy trophy wife a few years ago and no one blinked. JJ Isler divorced "Pedro" over allegations of unfaithfulness and no one, except us of course, said a word. Does it matter to the fans of the great "Pedro?" (are there such people?) I’d say not only does no one care, they’d say to mind your own business when bringing up the subject. There is a rather odd cover of protection that exists when any of these people are found out to be swine. Instead of being publicly embarrassed, we are told to leave them alone. We’ve never quite understood that.

When Alinghi pimp Brad Butterworth was cavorting around with Dawn Riley (what in the hell was he thinking? Dawn Riley? Musta been some good booze) a while back and crashed a rather expensive car in a supposed inebriated state, it didn’t do anything to either of their careers. Butterwoth’s that is, we’re still not sure what it is that Riley does…

What if a world-class sailor who loves to present himself as something really special, (not unlike how Woods carried himself, ironically) and happens to be married with children was found to have a young girlfriend on the side – would you revere him any less? Would you care? Would his sponsors ignore it? Is it news? And who in the hell, save SA, would even report it? In fact, you can bet that we’d take heaps of criticism if we broke such a story – not that we care about criticism…

No one can ignore Woods’ talent, or even this particular sailor’s talent, but when they present themselves as one thing, but indeed turn out to be something else, shouldn’t at the very least, something be said about such behavior and let people judge? That’s exactly what is happening with Woods, it would be interesting to see what might happen in our sport. That is, if anyone cared. Comment?